MAIN NEWS: INOXPA Spain purchased of the engineering company "Berhord A&D", now Inoxpa Solutions srl.

Company member of EHEDG

  EHEDG membership

  • The EHEDG network is open to individuals, companies and institutes and comprises almost 1000 persons who are the representatives of
  • Companies for the manufacturing of food or of equipment for the production of food, pharmaceuticals and/or cosmetics
  • Companies supplying engineering services
  • Scientific and research organisations
  • Health authorities

  EHEDG is an “Institution for General Benefit” and donations may be fully deducted from tax.

  • EHEDG creates a central, internationally recognized source of excellence on hygienic engineering
  • EHEDG provides networking on an international level, opportunities for the establishment of global contacts and are interlinking our Regional Sections
  • EHEDG is a platform for an exchange of state-0f-the-art know-how and offer advancement in hygienic engineering knowledge
  • EHEDG provides influence in setting global standards and rules and have impact on regulatory bodies
  • EHEDG offers a legal basis by practically demonstrating how to follow existing requirements and standards
  • EHEDG guidelines are referenced by international organisations and provide practical know-how
  • EHEDG guidelines are created by gathering the expert know-how of our members who are equipment manufacturers of food and packaging machinery as well as food processing companies, research institutes and health authorities
  • EHEDG follows up new trends and help to share, disseminate and canalize hygienic design expertise
  • The EHEDG mission is extended to ‘environmental issues’ and aiming to support food safety and sustainability
  • EHEDG evaluates hygienic design in relation to shelf-life
  • EHEDG provides international, high-level training & education and our training material is developed by recognized experts in the field
  • EHEDG provides equipment certification by EHEDG-accredited test institutes
  • The EHEDG certification methods are continuously further developed and complemented by new test methods
  • EHEDG provides reference publications like the EHEDG Yearbook and press articles in scientific journals and trade magazines
  • EHEDG enhances the reputation of our member companies and help them to become leaders in hygienic design and processing
  • EHEDG provides an information and meeting platform at the EHEDG Congress, an international event held biannually in varying countries.