MAIN NEWS: INOXPA Spain purchased of the engineering company "Berhord A&D", now Inoxpa Solutions srl.

Milk pasteurizers and sterilizers

  Dairy products pasteurizers are particularly different from similar devices used for beverages and juices. The main purpose of milk pasteurization is the destruction of pathogenic micro-organisms by heating up the product to a certain moderately high level of temperature for a short period of time, but the execution unit must ensure that the already pasteurized product wouldn’t be contaminated by the not yet processed material or by the environment.

  The acceptable variations between pasteurization temperature and exit temperature are substantially lower than for other liquid food products. As a rule, the use of the regeneration section guarantees reaching the required temperature characteristics for the separation and homogenization processes. Our pasteurization installations are built and assembled in full accordance with the EHEDG standards.

  We use the same methods and standards during the manufacturing process, as the ones we implement for the pharmaceutical industry - GEP (Good Engineering Practice). In case of a request, we are willing to provide certificates for the used materials and surface roughness, for all of the utilized elements; calibration certificates for control equipment; certificates for orbital welding and passivation; borescope images of welds.