MAIN NEWS: INOXPA Spain purchased of the engineering company "Berhord A&D", now Inoxpa Solutions srl.


  Our company assists manufacturers of control panels and electric service panels, providing them with quality marking services for certain elements of their systems.

  We possess specialized color printers – Weidmuller PrintJet PRO, that are able to perform the following tasks:

  Terminal marking

DEK card

DEK MultiCard

WS MultiCard

ZS MultiCard

MF MultiCard

WAD MultiCard

Nameplate holders

ELS MultiCard


Markers for cables and wires

SF/SFR MultiCard

SFX MultiCard

SFC MultiCard

TM-I MultiCard

Transparent sleeves

ELS MultiCard

WKM transparent sleeves


WriteOn cable nameplates

Cable ties

Stainless steel WSM Markers



Device markers

DMC MultiCard

ESG MultiCard

SM MultiCard

CC MultiCard

Nameplate (tag) rails


Labels / stickers

KSW Markers